The Aims and Objectives of the COCAWEU are to:

  • Protect and promote the best interests and welfare of children and young persons and enable them to overcome social problems through economic empowerment of individuals, families and communities;
  • Support implementation of the provisions of child-rights protection instruments in Uganda
  • Assist the promotion of the family by reducing and mitigating the effects of disruption of relationships
  • Be an “approved Organisation” exercising the statutory powers and duties within and for the purposes of the 2001 Children’s Act or any other legislation amending or replacing it;
  • Promote, encourage, or assist any measures such as education,  skills-building, instruction, awareness and advocacy calculated to improve conditions of children and women;
  • Establish, facilitate and/or assist temporary places of safety for children in need of care and protection;
  • Co-operate with government and organizations/persons with similar objectives to those of COCAWEU;
  • Coordinate, collaborate and network with other persons, governmental, non-governmental, and faith based organizations with special focus on identification, registration, tracing, as well as family and community reunification and reintegration of children in disaster, conflict and emergency situations and institutional care;
  • Ensure protection, care and development of child-headed families;
  • Promote foster care, guardianship and adoption as a last resort;
  • Improve the standard of living of children and their families by mobilizing and managing resources from income generating activities, donations from individuals, international and civil society organizations, governments, the business sector, and others;
  • Enter into arrangements with individuals, governments/authorities, public bodies, corporations, and companies that are conducive­ to the Society’s objectives in order to obtain any desirable rights, privileges and concessions;
  • Advocate for and influence public understanding of children’s basic and human rights, and for Government budgetary allocations for children, especially for those in need of alternative family care.
  • Mobilise resources by: Soliciting contributions towards the COCAWEU’s funds in the form of donations, subscription, or otherwise through personal or written appeals, public meetings, and other means; applying to any government/authority, public bodies, corporations, companies, financial institutions or persons for grants, monetary gifts, loans, property, subscriptions, other assistance to promote the objectives of the organisation; and Establish an endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and other assistance, and established non-profit foundations in any country/countries to receive donations from private sources;
  • Encourage community based reintegration of children and women
  • mainstream child rights approach in programming;