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EDUCATING CHILDREN IS KEY TO ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT We will never achieve any of the Sustainable Development Goals without overcoming the discrimination and poverty that stunt the lives of girls and […]

Child care organization COCAWEU

Department of Children and Youth Affairs About Us Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Childcare Child and Family Agency Children In Care Child and Youth Participation Children’s Participation Strategy Children […]

early childhood Education Africa

Early Childhood Education Master of Arts There are three initial certification programs in Early Childhood Education: The course of study for the M.A. in Early Childhood Education (ECED-INIT) leads to […]

Children of Africa

Children of Uganda Gives a hand up to orphans and vulnerable youth in Uganda by providing them with quality education, basic healthcare and skills training for self-reliance. Uganda has the […]

Gender Development

Gender Development Gender refers to an individual’s anatomical sex, or sexual assignment, and the cultural and social aspects of being male or female. An individual’s personal sense of maleness or […]