About the Craft making project

Craft making projectBeneficiaries under the Craft making project are taken through a craft-making training course over a duration of one month (20 working days), in which they are shown how to make artistic use of locally available materials in their environment. They develop crafts for commercial purposes, including
tye & dye patterned cloth
woven materials – wall hangings, door rugs and ornaments
At the end of the training process, the beneficiaries are then supported to transform their individual micro-projects into a functional group business. COCAWEU provides them a start-up capital to boost the cottage industry for one month. After this period, the project is usually in self-sustaining state.
Typical Project Costs
A project benefiting 20 members costs up to UGX 2,500,000 (approx £900) to cover the training costs of the project.
A further cost of UGX 300,000 (approx £100) will then support the establishment of a cottage industry operating under well-established group dynamics.