Education is a human right for all children, and those who are not in school are being denied that right, failure to access and complete a basic cycle of quality inclusive primary education seriously limits future opportunities for children. Uganda was one of the first African countries to introduce compulsory Universal primary education (UPE). Many additional schools were built, teachers trained and tuition fees abolished Nevertheless, nearly five of the twenty school age going children have never enrolled in school due to lack of scholastic materials, long distances to schools, lack of school fees to mention but a few. Uganda has one of the highest school drop outs in the world (UNICEF 2014).Education is a key factor to national development and as a matter of fact, the education intervention by Companion of Children and Women Empowerment Uganda appears to be an immediate solution towards achieving that, several private schools are being set up, but because of the high costs involved in operating them, they tend to increase their fees structures hence making it difficult for a poor child to attain education and to bridge this gap, COCAWEU is imparting skills to the numerous children in schools and those that have fallen out of school. Low retention and completion of basic education and education quality are still major challenges. Almost a quarter of children in rural areas and urban slums do not complete primary years of basic education and few transit to secondary school. School completion rates are very low in the neglected districts where there are a fewer CSOs implementing education programs, compared todistricts in other areas. The main reasons for low retention and completion include lack of school fees, long distances to school, poor learning environments, child marriage and in regions like Karamoja, disruption to schooling due to natural hazards. COCAWEU pledged to be offering education back up support to children who can’t fully manage their education expenses, provide basic school needs/requirements, school fees covers (scholarships and sponsorships) to orphans, disabled children, children in conflict areas and those living in disadvantaged areas.

Education Line projects

  • Out of school project (literacy and life skills training)
  • Sponsor a child project
  • Back to school project
  • Vocational skills project


Still under the education program COCAWEU has established an out of school empowerment program where it targets children of 12-18 years who were once in school but dropped out due to several reasons and those that had never had chance to step in a class room, this is to equip them with one step a head literacy skills, talent building and boosting, confidence,basic daily living skills, life skills, and hands  on skills training. Under this program the out of school are also trained in selection, planning and management of small IGAs.