Increasingly common, early childhood care plays an important role in children’s development and provides a valuable support to families with young children. It is therefore important to understand the impact of these services and to ensure their quality and accessibility.

COCAWEU believes that  Every child deserves access to high quality, stimulating, developmentally appropriate early childhood care and education. We believe that early intervention promotes the healthy growth and development not just of individual children, but of entire communities. High quality child care can have a positive influence on children’s development and school readiness by providing valuable educational and social experiences. Cocaweu members together with  volunteers provide this program to the community children where we cover all aspects of child development including physical,  emotional, social, language and cognitive development. 



A Safe Childhood is a human right, in so many parts of Uganda, children are denied their human rights.They miss out on their right to education. They are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the street. They are recruited into armed forces. They are subjected to death penalties, are disappeared, are punished by cruel and inhumane methods and suffer many other forms of violence. And this were this program is inspired, COCAWEU believes that children must be allowed to live safe and stable lives, free from all acts of abuse and violence. We believe that recognizing and protecting children’s rights is an essential step towards ensuring human rights for all. Children are young human beings. Some children are very young human beings. As human beings children evidently have a certain moral status. There are things that should not be done to them for the simple reason that they are human. At the same time children are different from adult human beings and it seems reasonable to think that there are things children may not do that adults are permitted to do. In the majority of jurisdictions, for instance, children are not allowed to vote, to marry, to buy alcohol, to have sex, or to engage in paid employment. What makes children a special case for philosophical consideration is this combination of their humanity and their youth, or, more exactly, what is thought to be associated with their youth.



Investing in women's economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Women make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or by doing unpaid care work at home. Women  must be allowed to advance themselves and their communities without discrimination, exploitation, or gender-based violence. We believe that investing in young women and girls is one of the most effective means of transforming society. COCAWEU advances women's economic empowerment by: Advocating for increased recognition, reduction and redistribution of women's unpaid care work



In Uganda, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS remain serious challenges. Almost 40% of children are stunted, and 6 % of pregnant women are HIV infected, while a third of their children acquire HIV perinatally. In order to address these challenges, there is need for innovative and evidence-based interventions, which unfortunately, remain elusive. There is also a serious shortage of sufficiently qualified staff to carry out graduate training and quality research. That's why we are committed to providing robust health and nutrition programs that save children's lives and ensure they grow up healthy.