School fees Projects

To afford school fees is a problem for many Ugandan families especially the for single mothers. The cost of school fees is higher primary school for from Kindergarten on wards, and when parents cannot pay the fees the children are left in a situation of boredom and dormancy, which brings them dangerously close to destructive activities when they grow such as crime, drugs addicts and Isolation in the community.

This is why COCAWEU comes to solicit funds for paying school fees for children. It has been proven, and is as well easily understood, that educating children has a very positive effect on what happens later on in life. That this is a project worth doing gets even clearer to us as we provide facilities where our kids can do their homework. That, of course, requires that there is homework to do.

Mushroom growing Projects

Mushroom is a palatable food accepted by people as daily diet and alternative to meat & fish. Also it is a vegetarian diet but gives nutrition of non-veg such as some essential vitamins and minerals. There is no constraint to get seeds, as so many are obtainable from the markets at affordable prices. These days people are fond of consuming mushroom in different ways like curry, snacks, soup, salad, mixed with rice, & pickle etc. Technology is simple with low cost & easily available to maintain. In addition, it is a quick returning crop with 50 to 100% profit which makes it a resourceful income to rely on for financial support. Therefore in the bid of empowering disadvantaged women (COCAWEU) initiated mushroom cultivation as another source for employment to women so that they can be able to provide a better life to their children and meet their basic needs as well as giving them a foundation to entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Sacco and micro loans projects


Briquettes making project

Briquettes making projects of COCAWEU was initiated to establish a reasonable income generating activity for COCAWEU women to help boost their financial independence. However this presented its self with an opportunity to save the environment from cutting trees to burn chacoal. Once in place and operational, we will provide energy efficient options to the community!at!large!to!include!fuel, cookstove, and tree farming options.

Craft making projects