Volunteers can share  skills and talents to  support our mission to relieve poverty by implementing self-sufficient initiatives to children and women, providing basic tools for education, and to create equal opportunities for every child, women and families to see the poor uplifted from desperate poverty to joyful self-sufficiency.

Volunteers play a key role in supporting child hood education, women counseling and guidance,  fundraising, administration.

We seek like-minded individuals who can contribute to this vision:

  • Other professionals are needed to help educate a talent base and hands on skills that will establish communities capable of attracting, educating, and producing the next generation of business women and smart entrepreneurs. Through creativity and hands on skills development the women can become economically independent and enhancing their capability of supporting their families.
  • A community of dedicated individuals can increase the number of children studying in an improved environment.

For more information about volunteering, you can also call +256755626410  or email info@cocaweu.org.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us for consideration.